Ramya Horticulture

A leading horticulture company in Sri Lanka

Who are we?

Ramya Horticulture (Pvt) Ltd. is an export-oriented company established in 1998, specializing in the production and export of rooted plants, un-rooted cuttings, cut foliage and tissue culture-raised plants. We are able to meet an ever-increasing demand for superior quality plants that we grow in state-of-the-art nurseries and tissue culture production facility in Sri Lanka. Our nurseries are located in Walpita, Wellawa and Kalugalla; regions specifically picked for the optimal climatic conditions needed for the production of our extensive range of tropical ornamental plants. Year-round propagation is ensured with a production capacity of 10 million cut foliage stems, 3 million rooted plants and un-rooted cuttings of exceptional quality, while the tissue culture production facility located at the Walpita nursery has a production capacity of 1 million micro-propagated plants.

Ramya Horticulture takes pride in its capacity to supply a customized high-quality finished product that meets the requirements of our customers, including an array of attractive custom-designed receptacles for our plants. Our technological know-how has always given us an edge in the competitive market of plant and foliage production and exports, and we confidently guarantee that our end product will not disappoint the most exacting customers.

We regularly ship a wide variety of high quality tropical plants to markets in Canada, Europe, the Middle East, Australia, and South East Asia. Our years of technical expertise and knowledge enable us to adhere to the requisite international quarantine standards worldwide, and handle all necessary export documentation for overseas shipments. Professionalism is a byword in all aspects of our business, and we do not believe in compromising on the quality of our products or services.

In recognition of our good agricultural practices that comply with internationally accepted criteria for safe and sustainable production methods, worker welfare, responsible use of water, plant propagation materials and greater efficiency in production, we were accredited a GlobalG.A.P company in 2008. In 2011, this prestigious certification was also awarded to us for our advanced tissue culture production facility and tissue culture propagation methods.

Our highly competent employees are our strength. We also advocate the empowerment of women in our workforce by providing them opportunities to thrive in all aspects of our business. At Ramya Horticulture, we invest in our employees’ development securing a progressive future for both our workforce and our company.

Vision Statement

To be the best in Sri Lanka’s horticulture and plant export industry, setting the standard in green ethics and principles in plant production.

Mission Statement

We are a horticulture enterprise with high standards in the eco-friendly production and export of ornamental floriculture produce, able to meet the highest customer expectations. We measure our success on the development of our largely rural workforce, providing them opportunities for growth, and ensure a steady flow of foreign exchange to Sri Lanka as a key exporter of floriculture.